WWC: Vision, Values and Mission

In order for students to reach their potential, it is essential that a school has a common set of values, a shared vision for success and a mission statement that centres on giving students the very best experiences and life chances. At Westwood College, our students, parents, staff and board of governors are committed to achieving a level of excellence that secures the success of every student. This requires responsive and resilient students, ambitious and committed staff, and parents who are supportive of the whole educational process. Westwood’s focus on ‘high expectations’ is what underpins our approach. We expect and demand the best from our students and staff, and are committed to supporting all members of our College community. We recognise that every young person is an individual, that all students are creative, and that all students have their own individual talents. We foster a caring and supportive environment and our curriculum offers wide choice whilst emphasising the emotional, physical, intellectual and cultural development of each young person. As an integral part of the community, we apply strong moral values to everything we do and our daily work seeks to support the growth and development of the whole student. Ultimately, our aim is to create a happy, caring and co-operative college community that celebrates learning in all of its forms.

At Westwood College we’re proud of our exceptional students, proud of committed staff team, and proud of the stunning environment in which the College is situated. Our goal is for students to be proud of the achievements of their peers, proud of the College, and most importantly, proud of themselves.


Matt Taylor


Our Values are:






These Values support our Vision:

Inspiring Students for Ambitious Futures

This Vision supports our Mission:

To support and enable all of our learners to believe in themselves, to succeed in life and to aspire to be all that they can be