Westwood Students Showcase their Acting Talents

21 May 2019 | BY cspragg

‘The Government Inspector’

Written by Ruth Watson, Yr12 Student Performer

This year the Drama Department at Westwood College welcomed guest directors into College to explore the genre of farce and satire. Through the week starting 6th May 2019, a talented group of Year 10 and 12 students took to the stage to perform ‘The Government Inspector’ written by Nikolai Gogol and directed by the fantastic Sue Harding and Donald Forbes. The play is one of comedy, tension and fabulously melodramatic characters. The story follows a Police Governor, his group of commissioners, wife and daughter and their encounter with who they think is a Government Inspector come to survey their corrupt little town. After flirting with the women and receiving bribes from the commissioners, the ‘Inspector ‘and his man-servant leave and the real inspector is revealed to have just arrived, to the shock and horror of the characters.

We auditioned for parts back in January and started to rehearse almost immediately, every Saturday 10:30am-1:00pm. At first it seemed to all move quite slowly; we were having lots of fun playing around with the characters, but the play was very text heavy and a completely new style to what everyone had done before. We also had the challenge of having to get used to acting on traverse – a stage type involving completely different skills to perform on as the audience are seated either side of the stage. After a few rehearsals, however, we all started to get used to the new format and style and everything began to move forwards.

Set and costume started to be added throughout our rehearsals in the Easter holidays. Everything really started to come together and the anticipation started to build. This meant that when it came to show week, we were all buzzing with nerves and excitement – and with every reason. The audience responded brilliantly to the comedy and every performance and we all worked hard to stay alert and focussed throughout the run to find new moments of hilarity every night. To me it seemed that every performance was even more enjoyable than the last. The entire experience of performing a comedy play like this – so far away from the usual – was a phenomenal learning experience as well as being so much fun. The process was demanding and there were times when we asked ourselves if the show would ever come together, but it did, and overcoming the challenges only made the final performances more rewarding. Throughout the course of the rehearsals, the confidence and togetherness of all the students as well as the friendships between us grew and created the atmosphere that allowed us to have as much fun performing as the audience did watching. We created something together with the constant support of Sue, Donald and the rest of the team, which we can be truly proud of. What an important opportunity and what an amazing achievement!

Student Performers: Rowan Blanchard, Charlie Shaw, Emily Sanzeri, Lucy Andrews, Will Sanzeri, Bel Copsey, Izzie Bailey, Olivia Eardley, Wei-Ming Liang, Edric Loughran, Ruth Watson, Maddie Forbes, Joe Robinson, Zach Bethell, Bel Copsey, Chloe Barlow, Ash Barlow

Creative & Technical Team: Sally Hansell, Chris Dale, Simon Leah, Craig Clark, Ash Barlow, Hannah Kinson, Keely Beresford, Scarlett Leese, Andrew Billington, Maddie Forbes, Izzi Forbes

Directors/Producers: Sue Harding & Donald Forbes


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