Curriculum Statement 2017-18

The curriculum we offer to the students at Westwood strives to;

  • Promote diversity, individuality, partnership and creativity;
  • Be flexible and guided by the needs of our students;
  • Allow students to negotiate a path through their learning that is both relevant and appropriate to their development;
  • Offer choices of learning opportunities that are inclusive and provide a genuine variety of pathways.

With our students joining us into Year 9, our curriculum continues work started in Years 7 and 8 to complete the necessary elements of Key Stage 3 of the National Curriculum, but also introduces new experiences such as Drama, Enterprise, additional Languages and elements of Media Studies to enable informed choices for study in Key Stage 4.

At Key Stage 4 we offer a full array of GCSE choices along side a core provision of English, Maths, Science GCSEs and a supportive PSCHE programme that includes aspects of RE and ICT. Students can also opt to follow Level 2 BTEC courses in three different subject areas and opportunities exist for ASDAN certification for students where this is appropriate.

At Key Stage 5 we strive to meet the needs of all those who wish to join our sixth form and have the capacity to offer a wide and varied range of sixth form courses. At the last count this included A level courses in over 20 different subjects and Level 3 BTEC courses in 4 more.

 Full Curriculum Statement 2017-18