Westwood College Uniform

Please follow the link below for full details of the new uniform for 2019-20

Latest information on the new uniform for September 2019 (updated July 2019)

Latest information on the new PE kit for September 2019 (updated July 2019)

Images of our students proudly wearing the new uniform for 2019-20







Westwood College Uniform (for Year 11 students only 2019-20)

The main garments worn in Years 9, 10 and 11 are as follows:
(a) Red shirt with collar – polo shirt
(b) Black sweater (choice of 3) with the Westwood College embroidered badge
(c) Black school trousers or skirt – No denim
(d) Black sensible school shoes – Not trainers
(e) Substantial outside coat
No variations of this uniform are acceptable to us.
Shorts are not permitted at any time other than during PE activities.

Please ensure coats are not printed with logo’s, pictures or words which would make them inappropriate to wear at college.

Please note, the following clothing/fashion items are not allowed:

  • Facial piercings of any type
  • Hats/baseball hats (not in the college buildings)
  • No shorts to be worn
  • No Cardigans
  • No Boots

Games and Physical Education Equipment

(all items are compulsory unless indicated otherwise)

Girls PE Kit Boys PE Kit
(a) Red sweatshirt without logo (a) Red and black reversible shirt
(b) Black shorts (b) Black shorts
(c) Red football socks (c) Black T Shirt without logo
(d) Black T-Shirt without logo (d) Red football socks
(e) Black tracksuit bottom without logo (e) Football boots
(f) Training shoes (f) Training shoes
(g) Shin pads (g) Shin pads
(h) Gum Shields (h) Gum Shields