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Guidance on Awarding Grades for Years 11 and 13

Accessing the Westwood College VLE


Using Microsoft Teams for Class meetings


College VLE

Login with your network username and password – NOT your email address ( or

Example: 09SMIJOH

Once logged in; on a computer click Home (top left) or from a phone, select Actions then Exit Portal to take you to the main VLE page.


Office 365 Login

Office365 Email

To login to your email either follow the link to email above OR from the VLE OR using Firefox or Chrome go to to access the Office365 Portal. Login with your network username ( and add for Years 9 – 11 or for Years 12/13 ) and password and select Outlook.


Office365 OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business allows you to save work in the cloud and access it on any computer with internet access.

This is great for sending work to or from home/college

Accessing OneDrive for is done via your email account.

Microsoft Office365 Office Apps

Using your College Office365 account entitles you to use Microsoft Office Apps for FREE on 5 devices for the time you are a student at Westwood.

To obtain a copy of office, login to the Office365 Portal on your own computer and select Install Office Apps.