• English Resources

    Please access the college VLE and complete the variety of tasks supplied. Topics can be found under the headings of: Reading Tasks; Writing Tasks and Short Tasks to Complete. All work should be completed in your books neatly.

  • Mathematics Resources

    Could Mathematics students please check their college email, college website and mymaths accounts for work updates on a regualr basis. Also if using Mymaths please remember to check out after completing a homework task.

    Year 9

    Year 9 scheme of work 2020

    Students to work through topics on through the spring term revision lists using:

    Year 9 spring term higher sets 2, 5, 6

    Year 9 spring term foundation sets, 3, 4, 7, 8



    This includes videos, worksheets and answers

    Also the following topics for each class are also recommended by class teachers.

    Set 1 KRS

    Indices – fractional and negative powers.

    Standard form – convert between normal numbers and standard form. Calculations with standard form.

    Set 2 TISS/WLM

    area, perimeter, surface area and volume of shapes

    Set 3 HAL

    area, perimeter, surface area and volume of shapes

    Set 4 WLM

    area, perimeter, surface area and volume of shapes

    Set 5 TISS/WLM

    area, perimeter, surface area and volume of shapes

    Set 6 KRS

    Area rectangle/triangle/parallelogram.

    Surface area and volume of cuboids and triangular based prisms.

    Set 7 HAL

    area, perimeter, surface area and volume of shapes


    Spring Foundation revision list:

    · Sequences

    · Percentage of amounts

    · Converting between fractions, decimals and percentages

    · Rounding to decimal places and significant figures

    · Ratio

    · Comparing prices

    · Recipes

    · Estimation

    · Drawing straight line graphs

    · Finding the gradient of straight lines

    · Drawing quadratic graphs

    · Enlarging a shape from a centre

    · Reflection and symmetry

    · Describing transformations

    · Translating shapes


    Higher Year 9 spring term revision list:

    · Sequences and nth term rule

    · Converting between fractions, decimals and percentages

    · Ratio

    · Estimation

    · Percentages

    · Recipes

    · Reverse percentages

    · Compound interest

    · Graphical sketching (linear and quadratic)

    · Equations of graphs

    · Parallel lines

    · Transformations


  • Science Resources

    Y9 Chemistry Term 45 work

    Y9 students please open the relevant plan.  Resources are on the VLE; Science, (Biology/Chemistry/Physics), GCSE AQA 9-1, (Y9)

    Y9 Physics Term 4 work

    Y9 Biology Organisation – Tissues, Organs and Systems

    Y9 Physics Term 5 and 6 work

  • Business Studies Resources

  • Design and Technology Resources

    Year 9 students considering doing Design at GCSE can have a try of the Y10 project on the VLE ‘I-pod packaging design’

  • Drama Resources

    Year 9 Independent Study Tasks

  • Geography Resources

    Please access the VLE for your tasks to complete.

    If you have any questions or require any feedback on your work please email your Geography teacher.

  • Health and Social Care Resources

  • History Resources

    Year 9 History Work

    Please refer to the VLE for work to complete. The next task is on the Battle of Britain.

  • ICT Resources

    Year 9 ICT/Computer Science

    There are 2 lessons available on the VLE

    ICT and CS Section

    Year 9 > Year 9 Computing > Computing

    Topic 1 And Topic 2

    The Presentations guide you through simple programming tasks using Turtle playground web interface

  • Languages Resources

    Resources are on the VLE; Languages

    Please refer to the work put for you on the VLE in Languages- Year 9- Spring 2020. If you have any problems accessing work, please email Mr Phillips.

  • Media Studies Resources

  • Music Resources

    For Year 9 Music work, see the VLE, using the following path from the Student Portal:

    Music > Year 9 Music

    More activities to be added in due course.

  • Physical Education Resources

  • Social Sciences Resources

    Year 9 Independent Study Tasks


    Dear students, please go to the VLE and complete the task on Near Death Experiences (Mini Project).

    This will help to prepare you for our final Year 9 topic which covers the Problem of Evil and Death and the Afterlife.

    This can be found under: Year 9 RE, homework task

    Subject teachers can be contacted via email: emaunders@ttlt.org.uk jvickers@ttlt.org.uk


    Year 9: Extra Independent Study Tasks

    Dear Students,

    On the VLE is further work for you to complete for RE, follow the information below and follow the instructions on the VLE.

    VLE, Year 9 RE, Independent Study Task, March-July 2020, Problem of Evil

    Any issues please feel free to email myself or Mrs Vickers.


    Miss Maunders

  • Visual Arts Resources

    There are lots of resources available on this website

    Please access the VLE for your tasks to complete.