• English Resources

    Year 10 programme of study:

    English Language Paper 2

    ‘Macbeth’ by William Shakespeare

    ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens

    Power and Conflict Poetry

    Spoken Language Endorsement

    ‘An Inspector Calls’ by J. B. Priestley


    Our examination board is AQA.


    Resources can be found at:




    Mr Bruff’s revision videos on Youtube are also very useful.

  • Mathematics Resources

    Year 10 Programme of Study, Foundation Tier

    Year 10 Programme of Study, Higher Tier

    Archived Work Set During Lockdown

    Could Mathematics students please check their college email, college website and mymaths accounts for work updates on a regular basis. Also if using Mymaths please remember to check out after completing a homework task.

    Students have all been assigned worksheets to complete on www.mymaths.co.uk that follow the scheme of work.

    Details of how to log on can be found in the Mathematics area of the VLE

    Further help can be found on www.corbettmaths.com (videos and worksheets) or by emailing their Mathematics teacher.


  • Science Resources

    Year 10 programme of study (Sept-Christmas) Higher Tier, groups 10.1, 10.2, 10.5, 10.6

    Year 10 programme of study (Sept-Christmas) Foundation Tier, groups 10.3, 10.4, 10.7

    Archived Resources Set During Lockdown

    Your Science teacher will now be setting you work via email every two weeks.  Tasks will mainly be set on Sam Learning, you will have received an email to your school email account on how to logon.  If you have any issues logging in to Sam Learning please contact Mr Smith (dsmith2@ttlt.org.uk)


    Y10 Chemistry term 5 work

    Please click on the link above (Y10 Chemistry Term 4-5 Work).  Resources are on the VLE, Science, (Biology/Chemistry/Physics), GCSE AQA 9-1.



    Y10 Nuclear Physics

    Y10 Physics Electricity

    Please refer to the VLE for more resources



    Year 10 BIOLOGY Easter

  • Business Studies Resources

    All work for BTEC Business students can be found on the relevant page of the school VLE. https://vle.westwoodcollege.coop/

    You can also email any questions to Mrs Percival on kpercival@ttlt.org.uk

  • Design and Technology Resources


    Programme of study:

    • Economies of scale
    • Scales of production
    • Planned Obsolescence
    • Technology Push
    • Market Pull
    • Thermoforming Plastics
    • Thermosetting Plastics
    • Manufacturing Techniques of Polymers
    • Carbon Footprint
    • 6R’s
    • Safety in the workplace
    • Screen Printing
    • Modern Materials
    • SMART Materials

    Archived Work Set During Lockdown

    Year 10 Design students have some materials theory on the VLE to research and learn. There is a lot so do it in at least 3 or up to 6 sessions.

  • Drama Resources

    Year 10 programme of study

    Archived Work Set During Lockdown

    Drama Year 10 Summer Term Week 1

    Year 10 GCSE Drama Independent Study Advice

    One Man Two Govs tasks

    Update for Dram Fam

  • Geography Resources

    In the event of students needing to work from home please carry out research or revision on the topic you are currently studying or previous topics. The following websites will be useful:




    https://www.physicsandmathstutor.com/geography-revision/gcse-aqa/ https://www.internetgeography.net/gcse-geography-revision/


    There are revision resources on the VLE under the Geography, Year 11 section: https://vle.westwoodcollege.coop/


    You may be emailed further work or guidance so check your college emails.


  • Health and Social Care Resources

    Year 10 programme of study, Autumn term

    Archived Work Set During Lockdown

    Y10 Health and Social Care

    Y10 HSC – Work from home tasks – updated 31/03/2020

    1. Complete your P1 Celebrity and PIES coursework – then email to Miss Hemmings

    2. Complete and work on barriers for your Sam and Verna coursework – then email to Mrs Moore / Miss Hulme

    3. Complete the Care Value tasks on the VLE – this is for Learning Aim B of your Care Values and Services unit – more will be added to this so keep checking

    4. Complete the NHS project

    All resources are on the VLE.

    New Task added – Work from home NHS project has been added to the VLE for you to complete

    Go to Subjects / Health and Social Care / Level 2 Tech Award – Y10 and Y11 – then select the relevant unit

    All resources you need to work on coursework – component 1 and component 2 are on the VLE

    A version of the textbook chapter for Component 1 is available on the VLE

    More resources will be added – so please keep checking.

    Any questions please email – phemmings@ttlt.org.uk amoore@ttlt.org.uk jhulme@ttlt.org.uk


  • History Resources

    Year 10 Programme of Study, Autumn Term:

    Crime and Punishment – see Yr10 topic list

    Archived Work Set During Lockdown


    A number of tasks have already been added which cover:

    Popular culture during the Elizabethan era.

    The Making of America, which is a brand new topic.

  • ICT Resources

    Year 10 Programme of Study, Computer Science

    Year 10 Programme of Study, BTEC ICT

    Archived Resources Set During Lockdown

    Year 10 B-Tec ICT

    I have put a sheet of Mini Project in Spreadsheet which will help them with their Component 2 Work (with skills and knowledge)

    Assignment for Component 1 (Learning Aim B) available on the (VLE) net

    Try designing a User Interface in the light of your knowledge and the scenario given

    1. Paper Version

    2. Draft on computer

  • Languages Resources

    If students need to work from home, learning will be directed via Teams assignments. Please check Teams as soon as possible in this event.

  • Media Studies Resources

    Year 10 Programme of Study:

    HT1 – Introduction to Media Studies – Media Language and analysing texts

    HT2 – Crime Drama Unit – Conventions, Analysis of extracts, case study episodes and industry context.

    HT3 – Lego Movie Unit – Industry, Audiences, Analysis of Film and posters

    HT4 – Lego Movie Videogame Unit

    HT5 – Introduction to Radio key concepts, Music Videos and The Live Lounge

    HT6 – NEA Research and Planning

    *HT – half-term

    Archived Resources Set During Lockdown

    In all GCSE Media Bitesize is useful.  There will be specific tasks on the VLE

  • Music Resources

    Year 10 Programme of Study:

    Notation on BBC Bitesize GCSE Music:


    The Beauty of the Baroque on Oak Academy:


    Achived Work Set During Lockdown

    Year 10 GCSE Music Working from Home

    Students were given some paper resources in the last lesson, as follows:

    Comparisons listening task for Afro Celt Sound System

    Esperanza Spalding: Samba Em Preludio worksheet AND score

    S. Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No.5 Movement 1 worksheet AND score

    van Beethoven: Sonata No. 8 Pathetique Movement 1 worksheet AND score


    Students will be set work related to these paper resources. Details of the work will be provided on the VLE, following the path Music 》GCSE Music 》Year 10 Music Work during School Closure

    As of 22nd March, there is plenty of work for upto what would be the Easter break. Work/resources will be added on a regular basis. This will also come to involve composition and performing tasks as well as study of set works and related listening activities.

  • Physical Education Resources

    Year 10 programme of study, GCSE PE:

    1. Fitness Components and Testing

    2. Training Methods

    3. Training Principles – FITT, SPORT

    4. Skeletal system – names of bones, functions

    5. Muscular system – names of muscles, agonists, antagonists

    6. Joints – types of joint – hinge, ball and socket, structure of synovial joint

    7. Movement at joints – examples and muscles responsible

    8. Respiration – mechanics, gas exchange, spirometer value

    9. Aerobic and anaerobic respiration – definitions, equations, examples

    10. Blood – structure and function of veins, arteries and capillaries

    11. Heart – structure, cardiac cycle, heart rate graphs

    12. Recovery – EPOC, methods used to recover

    13. Effects of Exercise – immediate, short and long term

    14. Biomechanics – Levers, planes and axes of movement


    Year 10 programme of study, BTEC Sport:

    Unit 2: Practical Sport

    A- Understand the rules, regulations, and scoring systems for two selected sports.

    B- Skills, techniques and tactics in the two selected sports.

    C- Review of Sports performance.


    Archived Work Set During Lockdown

    The work below is still relevant however weekly work is now being set by your class teacher by email. Please ensure you are using your school email address to access this and you will be required to send work back to your teacher.

    Please try and ensure you complete this work so you remain up to date with your course.

    If you have any issues, or are not receiving the emails then please email your class teacher directly.





    Y10 GCSE PE

    This is a list of resources that will hopefully be of use to you in the next couple of weeks and should be used to support your revision for your upcoming GCSE PE mock exam.
    1. The purple revision guide and workbook that most of you have purchased – these are excellent resources and please continue to use them.
    We will be available on email to answer any questions if needed. We will both aim to log in to our email at the start and end of each day to check for queries, our emails are:
    mashton@ttlt.org.uk jhulme@ttlt.org.uk

    PRACTICAL – to be assessed on your return We realise lots of sports and activities have stopped at the moment though you can still go out and exercise so the best practical to prepare for is athletics. If you aim to run 3 times a week for 20mins and progressively overload this throughout your time off you will be more than ready to complete you athletics assessment when you return.

    Session 1 – 20min continuous run 60-80%

    Session 2 – 5 x 3 minutes runs at 80-90% with 3 mins recovery between each

    Session 3 – 10 x 30-60 sec hill reps with a jog down recovery


    THEORY – general revision

    Week by week work suggestions:

    Week commencing 30th March
    1) Revision
    Make yourself a revision card / worksheet on the components of fitness:
    It should include definitions, sporting examples and how to test the following:
    Agility, balance, speed, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, coordination, flexibility, power, strength, reaction time.
    Extension – Include at least 3 reasons for and limitations of fitness testing generally.

    2) New Work
    What are the definitions of the following words:
    Contract to compete

    Watch the following YouTube clips to show these in action:
    Most beautiful moments of respect and fair play in sport ( there are lots of different versions)
    Sportsmanship and gamesmanship – 13 videos showing both sides
    GCSE pe revision – players conduct
    Sportsmanship, gamesmanship, breaking
    London 2012 olympics – 8 players disqualified

    Give 3 sporting examples of good sportsmanship shown in sport and 3 examples of gamesmanship shown in sport.

    3) Exam questions – please email your teacher with your answers by Friday 3rd April
    Using an example of sportsmanship in elites sport, explain the impact that this could have on younger performers. (3)
    Using an example, explain the disadvantages of gamesmanship in sport? (3)


    COURSEWORK – to be handed in on your return We have put a document on the VLE, under PE, GCSE, Coursework, titled ‘Idiots guide to your PE cousework’

    This will talk you through how to complete the coursework. There are 4 main parts to it as follows:

    1) Fitness strengths and weaknesses

    2) Skills strengths and weaknesses

    3) Training method and session to improve fitness weakness

    4) Theoretical aspects to improve skill weakness

    HULs group will be able to complete all of this but ASHs group will only be able to complete 1-3.

    Y10 PE GCSE Component of fitness – ASH GROUP

    Y10 PE GCSE – skill section – HLM GROUP



    This is a list of resources that will hopefully be of use to you in the next couple of weeks in helping with your coursework understanding and should be used to support your revision for your future BTEC Sport online exam.
    1) The Unit 1 Fitness for Sport and Exercise student workbook/revision guide that you have been given. This is excellent for revision, and has information on key words to revise, along with example questions with answers and tasks to have a go at. There are 3 sections, so work through them and feel free to use any internet devices to research information.
    2) Any video recordings on sporting performance that goes ahead would be useful as evidence to support your coursework, or any exercise activity that has been done at home would be great as evidence of fitness training.
    3) On the VLE you will find resources for Unit 3 of your coursework (PE>Yr10/11 Btec Sport> Unit 3). The ‘Unit 3 Pupil Assignment Sheet’ shows all the tasks for the Unit (Learning aims A to D), so this is perfect to work through and ensure you have completed. The ‘Programme Review’ document is a help sheet for Learning Aim D and gives a list of notes/written report to prepare for an evaluation of your training programme and the training you completed, reviewing everything that you have learnt from the course so far and the work you have completed.
    I will be available on email to answer any questions if needed. I will aim to log in to my email at the start and end of each day to check for queries, my email is:

  • Visual Arts Resources


    Programme of study:

    • Coursework – Creep, Crawl, Slither, Fly
    • Stitch piece
    • Collage piece

  • R.E Resources

    Year 10 programme of study, Autumn term

    Archived Work Set During Lockdown

    Year 10 GCSE RE

    Independent Study Tasks

    Dear students, please complete the following tasks:

    Past Paper Exam packs: work through the questions and answer them as part of your revision for your Year 10 exams. Topics to revise are: Christian Beliefs, Christian Practices and Theme B: Religion and Life.  Make revision cards, mind maps etc and apply your knowledge to questions.

    Work through ‘Religion and Life’ topics, you can find these on the VLE (as was shown in your lesson). This topic has not yet been covered and so make detailed notes.

    Complete A3 Revision summary sheet

    Year 10 GCSE RE

    Dear students,

    Below are instructions to guide you to access further work to complete on the VLE.  Due to the indefinite closures of schools, it is important to complete this work for your GCSE RE course.  Work through the power points and handouts, completing tasks and email work to be marked.

    VLE, Religious Education, New GCSE RS 2016 Onwards, Religion and Life (this should be completed between now and May)

    VLE, Religious Education, New GCSE RS 2016 Onwards, Religion, Crime and Punishment (this should be completed between May and July)