• English Resources

    Please access the college VLE and complete revision tasks for your upcoming GCSE examinations. Topics can be found under the headings of: A Christmas Carol; Macbeth; An Inspector Calls; Power and Conflict Poetry: Unseen Poetry; Language Paper 1 and 2. There are also a number of resources to be found on BBC Bitesize and Youtube videos such as ‘Mr. Bruff’ will provide further guidance. Your revision books will be an invaluable resource too.

  • Mathematics Resources

    Could Mathematics students please check their college email, college website and mymaths accounts for work updates on a regualr basis. Also if using Mymaths please remember to check out after completing a homework task.

    Foundation GCSE Revision Lists

    Higher GCSE Revision List


    If you are planning to take A level Mathematics in September there are some support materials on the VLE that will help you prepare over the coming months.


    They can be found in:

    Maths – Year 12 – A Level Maths 2017 onwards


    The folders are called:

    1) Bridging the Gap Activity

    2) A level Maths support materials

    Year 11

    Students to work through the revision lists using:



    This includes videos, worksheets and answers

    Students have also been provided with a past exam paper and there are plenty more on the VLE in the Mathematics area with marked schemes


  • Science Resources

    Y11 students should focus on completing past papers.  Students have been issued with a folder containing these papers, markschemes and spare copies are available on the VLE; Science, (Combines/Separate) past papers.

  • Business Studies Resources

    All work for BTEC Business students can be found on the relevant page of the school VLE. https://vle.westwoodcollege.coop/

    You can also email any questions to Mrs Percival on kpercival@ttlt.org.uk

  • Design and Technology Resources

  • Drama Resources

    Year 11 Drama Independent Study Advice

  • Geography Resources

    For Y11, all revision resources are on the VLE to download.

    If you have any questions or require any feedback on your work please email your Geography teacher.

  • Health and Social Care Resources

  • History Resources

    History Work For Year 11

  • ICT Resources

    Year 11 Computer Science

    There are past papers and mark schemes on the VLE

    You can also access the Teach ICT online resource and revise & prepare for both the exams using this online resource which contains exam style questions and quizzes and videos

    Year 11 B-Tec ICT

    You have got the Assignments available on the VLE (for Coursework Component )

    The work (which you have e-mailed to yourself) can be completed in the light of the sample work and/or assignments available on the VLE

  • Languages Resources

    Resources are on the VLE; Languages

    Please refer to the work put for you on the VLE in Languages- Preparation for A-Level. If you have any problems accessing work, please email Mr Phillips.

  • Media Studies Resources

    In all GCSE Media Bitesize is useful.  There will be specific tasks on the VLE

  • Music Resources

  • Physical Education Resources

    Y11 GCSE PE

    This is a list of resources that will hopefully be of use to you in the next couple of weeks and should be used to support your revision for your upcoming GCSE PE exam.
    1. The purple revision guide and workbook that most of you have purchased – these are excellent resources and please continue to use them.
    2. You should all have been provided with a school made revision guide for both paper 1 and paper 2, these can be used by filling in blank information as well as tackling the exam questions provided.
    3. On the VLE you will find an online copy of all the worksheets and questions in the school made revision guides you will also find a copy of all the exams papers and mark schemes for at least the last 10 years. Please be aware the format, and some of the content, of the exams has changed slightly over the years, the 2018, 2019 and sample papers are as you would expect but the others are still useful revision. Please also make use of the mark schemes as this will ensure you are answering correctly and provide you potential alternative answers.
    4. We will be available on email to answer any questions if needed. We will both aim to log in to our email at the start and end of each day to check for queries, our emails are:


    This is a list of resources that will hopefully be of use to you in the next couple of weeks in helping with your coursework understanding and should be used to support your revision for your upcoming BTEC Sport online exam.
    1) The Unit 1 Fitness for Sport and Exercise student workbook/revision guide that you have been given. This is excellent for revision, and has information on key words to revise, along with example questions with answers and tasks to have a go at. There are 3 sections, so work through them and feel free to use any internet devices to research information.
    2) Any video recordings on sporting performance that goes ahead would be useful as evidence to support your coursework, or any exercise activity that has been done at home would be great as evidence of fitness training.
    3) On the VLE you will find resources for Unit 2 of your coursework (PE>Yr10/11 Btec Sport> Unit 2 Practical Sport). The ‘Unit 2 Pupil Assignment Sheet’ shows all the tasks for the Unit (Learning aims A to C), so this is perfect to work through and ensure you have completed. The ‘Rules and Regulations’ document is a helpful sheet to help you complete your PowerPoints on the two sports that you have been completing in lessons- make sure you apply the rules in 4 specific situations!! The ‘Technical and Tactical Demands’ document is a template to fill in about your two sports, the gaps need completing relevant to your two sports. Use research if you are unsure on what the words mean. Finally, the ‘Observation Checklist’ is an example template of a checklist that you need to make and complete for your own performance in the two sports you have chosen (E.g. Football and Table Tennis). For each of the skills you choose (see the examples I have given), you need to score yourself out of five (1 lowest- 5 best), this will help with your evaluation of your performance.
    I will be available on email to answer any questions if needed. I will aim to log in to my email at the start and end of each day to check for queries, my email is:

  • Social Sciences Resources

    Year 11 GCSE RE Independent Study Tasks


    Dear students you should have an exam resources revision pack of past paper questions.  You are to:

    Complete the tasks that are on the front of the revision pack: make revision notes, focus on key terminology, revise an area and attempt to answer the past paper questions.

    There is a link to the AQA website for further resources if required

    The VLE also has topic areas to help with revision


    You have also received a photocopy of the final topic that is currently being taught: Religion, Human Rights and Social Justice.  You are to:

    Read and make notes on any of the sections that you have not been taught

    Complete the activities that are on the photocopied notes

    Complete revision on this topic: make revision cards, mind maps etc

    Apply your knowledge to past paper questions (found in the exam resources revision pack and on the AQA website)

    Extra resources on this topic can also be found on the VLE: GCSE RE, Year 11, Human Rights and Social Justice

    Subject teachers can be contacted via email: emaunders@ttlt.org.uk  jvickers@ttlt.org.uk

  • Visual Arts Resources

    There are lots of resources available on this website

    Please access the VLE for your tasks to complete.