• Year 12 Students considering university

    The HE Exhibition at Staffordshire University on 5th June has now been postponed.

    Have you registered for the UCAS Hub? This is UCAS’s most advanced research tool – give it a go!

    Loads of UCAS resources and links on the VLE under ‘Sixth Form’ at the bottom of Courses page – to help with preparing Personal Statements and researching your options.

  • English Resources

    Year 12 English Literature

    Please re-read your texts in preparation for the upcoming trial examinations. Texts are:

    ‘The Kite Runner’

    ‘Death of a Salesman’


    Keats’ poetry

    Blake’s poetry.

    You should be completing you ‘Protest Booklet’ as detailed by your teacher. Further resources will be provided in your lessons. However, it is important that you also follow specific tasks from your particular class teachers.


    Year 12 English Language

    Resources will be given out during your lessons to work from in preparation for your A-level examinations.

  • Mathematics Resources

    Year 12 Programme of Study

    Archived Work Set During Lockdown

    Could Mathematics students please check their college email, college website and mymaths accounts for work updates on a regular basis. Also if using Mymaths please remember to check out after completing a homework task.

    Maths 12A work list 15th May onwards

    Maths 12FM work list for 1st June onwards

    Maths 12B work list 15th May onwards

    Maths – Year 12 work list April 2020

    Students are to follow the work list provided. Help videos and PowerPoints are available on the VLE. Follow the links Maths- A level Maths 2017 onwards. Staff are providing further support via college email, so please check regularly.

  • Science Resources

    Y12 Mechanics Review and work up to Mocks (May)

    Y12 Chemistry Closure Work

    Please refer to the VLE for the information letter and additional resources.

  • Business Studies Resources

    All work for BTEC Business students can be found on the relevant page of the school VLE. https://vle.westwoodcollege.coop/

    You can also email any questions to Mrs Percival on kpercival@ttlt.org.uk

  • Drama Resources

  • Geography Resources

    In the event of students needing to work from home please carry out research or revision on the topic you are currently studying or previous topics. The following websites will be useful:





    You could also prepare for your independent investigation (coursework).

    You may be emailed further work or guidance so check your college emails.

  • Health and Social Care Resources

    Y12 Health and Social Care

    New Task added – Work from home NHS project has been added to the VLE for you to complete

    This is a list of tasks / resources that will be of use to you in the next couple of weeks and should be used to support your completion of coursework and your revision for future exams. All resources are on the VLE.

    We will be available on email to answer any questions if needed. Our emails are:





    Online textbook – from VLE or from https://www.pearsonactivelearn.com/app/library

    Unit 2 – VCK

    In preparation for your Unit 2 exam you can ensure that all your notes for the unit are up to date

    Keep up with your independent revision

    Complete the past papers that are on the VLE

    Unit 5 – PER

    Unit 5 – The PowerPoints in each section of the VLE will help you to complete the remaining tasks on Unit 5. Use the coursebook at the top of Unit 5 to help, and any of the links included in each section.

    Unit 14 – BM

    There is a document on the VLE (Unit 14 Structure Help) that does a step by step guide through learning aims A-C of the Unit 14 coursework, that you can work through whilst we are off.

    The assignment sheet and case studies are on there too.

    Unit 14 LAD – HEM

    You need to complete P6 – the table of Eva’s treatment plan (see notes on VLE), then move onto M4 which is reviewing the treatment plan.

    P7 next and then the Distinction task – all will be available on the VLE under Unit 14.



  • History Resources


    Students have been fully briefed on what they need to get on with. The tasks include starting their Personal Study Research and investigating the suitability of their own chosen topic. They will need to produce a justification for their chosen topic with relevant sources and interpretations. Students have also been given tasks related to their studies of the Cold War and the Stuarts.

  • ICT Resources

  • Languages Resources

    If students need to work from home, learning will be directed via Teams assignments. Please check Teams as soon as possible in this event.

  • Media Studies Resources

    Year 12 Programme of Study:

    HT1 – Introduction – Research and practical application of Media Language

    HT2 – Film – Industry, audiences, set text (Jungle book – old and new)

    HT3 – Videogames – Industry, audiences, set text (Minecraft)

    HT4 – Radio– Industry, audiences, set text (Breakfast Show

    HT5 – Introduction of Media Theory and Paper 1

    HT6 – Research and planning – coursework

    HT = half-term

    Archived Resources Set During Lockdown

    In all GCSE Media Bitesize is useful.  There will be specific tasks on the VLE.

  • Music Resources

  • Physical Education Resources

    The work below is still relevant however weekly work is now being set by your class teacher by email. Please ensure you are using your school email address to access this and you will be required to send work back to your teacher.

    Please try and ensure you complete this work so you remain up to date with your course.

    If you have any issues, or are not receiving the emails then please email your class teacher directly.





    Unit 4 – New unit which we would be moving onto next with all students.


    1.Start with checklist learning aim A on VLE






    Produce a word document describing as best you can the work on Checklist learning aim A.


    1. Do research task Learning Aim B.


    Look at PowerPoints


    Psychological Factors

    Self-confidence 09

    Groups and teams

    Attributions 09


    Word document

    Forms of leadership


    Finally produce a word document describing as best you can the work on Checklist learning aim B.


    Unit 22 – Business in Sport

    This is a new unit we are due to start after Easter. It is only for those students doing the double award.

    It is another examined unit with pre-release material and notes you can take into the exam.

    You will get some information about a sports related business which you will have to analyse and answer 4 questions on.

    1) Review the business

    2) complete a SWOT analysis of the business

    3) Recommend how the business could develop

    4) Justify your suggestions for recommendation


    We will actually start with some research into a particular business so that you have some background information to use and compare to. The pre-release material will tell you what type of business you need to research, we will use trampoline parks.


    Week commencing 30th March

    1) Research two trampoline parks, you should make notes on the following: (each park will take approx 1hr to research) Type of business? – private, public etc What is it’s USP / aim / mission statement?

    Who is it trying to cater for – ages?

    Approx how many people work there?

    What training do they have?

    What different services does it provide?

    Who are these services aimed at?

    What are the prices of the services? Do some come in the price?

    Can you get memberships / deals?

    What facilities do they have?

    When are they open?

    How do they market themselves? Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc, photos, videos, customer comments etc Is there customer feedback positive?

    Do they offer any extras?

    Also find out how this industry has grown over the past 10 years, is it still a worthwhile business to have?


    You can send me a photo of your research notes or copy of if done on computer.

    Y12 BTEC Sport

    This is a list of resources that will hopefully be of use to you in the next couple of weeks and should be used to support your revision for your upcoming unit exams and completion of coursework.
    We will be available on email to answer any questions if needed. We will all aim to log in to our email at the start and end of each day to check for queries, our emails are:
    amoore@ttlt.org.uk mashton@ttlt.org.uk jhulme@ttlt.org.uk
    Unit 1 – MOR
    1. On the VLE there is information under unit 1 for your anatomy and physiology exam. You should find the exam papers and mark schemes for this unit.
    2. You have received a booklet of these exams from myself a few weeks ago, please continue to work through these, but using he mark schemes online to help you.
    3. You have also got a booklet of revision worksheets which you can fill in the blank information for to support your revision.
    Unit 2 – Leek
    1. On the VLE there is information under unit 2 for your fitness and training exam, you should fine some exam papers as well as examples of the notes pagers you could take into the exam and example answers. Starting to create your own version of the notes pages would be very beneficial.
    2. You also have a photocopied booklet of revision material for this exam to help produce your notes.
    3. We will be available on email to answer any questions if needed. We will all aim to log in to our email at the start and end of each day to check for queries, our emails are:
    Unit 7 – HLM
    1) If you have pictures of performance related to your skills and strengths start putting them onto the documents you have already created.
    2) Highlight what both of your weaknesses are for both sports and explain how they impact your performance – if your weakness is passing, how does this affect your performance?
    2) For both of your weaknesses come up with 1 isolated practice and 1 conditioned practice to improve the weakness – explain in detail how you will do this and use images to help you explain it.
    Unit 23 Ash
    Continue with your improvements to work using the checklists provided if you don’t have chance to pick them up I will put them on the VLE – Unit 23 Skill Acquisition

  • Social Sciences Resources

    Yr12 programme of study, Psychology, Autumn term

    Yr12 programme of study, Sociology, Autumn term

    Archived Work Set During Lockdown

    Social Science – Year 12 Independant Study Tasks

    Year 12 Sociology Independent Study Task

    Year 12 Psychology Further Independent Study Tasks

    Dear Students,

    In addition to material already provided please go onto the VLE, follow the information below.  Further guidance is on the VLE on how to complete the work, any issues please contact myself or Mrs Partington.

    VLE, Psychology, Year 12, Independent Study Tasks March-July 2020


    Year 12 Sociology Independent Study Tasks

    Dear Students,

    In addition to material already available please go onto the VLE, follow the details below and complete further work.  Any issues please contact myself or Mrs Vickers.

    VLE, Year 12, Year 12 Covid-19 Work Pack

  • Visual Arts Resources


    Fish Project

    Students to work on Artist research by selecting artists from PowerPoint. PowerPoint and email of instructions already sent to students and students aware of the task.


    Visual Elements through the lens project.

    Research for Visual element photographers in booklet handed out already.

    Design and Technology

    Programme of Study:

    • Metals
    • Polymers
    • Woods
    • Composites
    • Paper and Board
    • Textiles
    • SMART materials
    • Manufacturing Techniques
    • Processing Techniques


  • Law

    Topics Covered:

    Barristers & Solicitors
    Civil courts and ADR
    Criminal courts
    Pre-trial procedures
    Access to justice
    Delegated legislation
    Statutory interpretation
    Parliamentary sovereignty
    Theory of law
    Offences against the person