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Throughout its long and proud history, Westwood College has always valued individuals and individualism. The ethos of the school has had an unswerving commitment to ensuring that all the students have an equal chance to make good use of the education that the school has offered, in order to help them choose their future patterns of life and take full advantage of their opportunities in society. To do this the school has always sought to develop personal confidence, sturdy independence, the ability to make and sustain fulfilling relationships, flexibility, as well as the skills for the world of work.

There can be few buildings in Leek that are as iconic as the Old Hall at Westwood College. A school, however, has to be more than just a collection of buildings and throughout its history staff have sought to foster commitment to Westwood by parents, students, Governors and others in the community so that they will work for its development. This commitment, too, has been a constant theme binding together the successive generations that have attended the school.Rarely can a school, and its buildings, have generated such a strong feeling of attachment from its community.

The current position of strength, that the College finds itself in as it enters this period of change, has its foundations in the efforts of the successive generations of people that have worked so tirelessly to make this college the exciting place that it to work and study today.


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Westwood News

Welcome to this year’s first edition of Westwood News. As a college, we think it’s important to share as much as we can of the great things that occur on a daily basis with as wide an audience as possible. For many years now, Westwood News has served as a means of celebrating the achievements of students, whether it be academic or extra-curricular, and this new digital edition will enable us to reach a wider audience in 2019.

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