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Breakfast Time

Start off your date the right way with the most important meal of the day – a Pantry Breakfast!

Click the link below to see whats on offer

Breakfast Menu

Morning Break

Head over to The Panty Kitchen at break time to fuel up – our morning break menu has a variety of items available for you to choose from and enjoy! Click the link below to see whats on offer

Morning Break Menu

Main Meal & Meal Deals

We rotate your menus on a 3 week basis, so you’ll never be stuck eating the same old, same old. Our main menu features our delicious street food concepts, with a mix of healthy balanced, traditional and contemporary main meals and sides. If you don’t fancy a hot lunch, we always have our Deli 2006 sandwich selection available which includes a delicious range of bloomers, baguettes and wraps.

Click the links below to see what’s on offer

Each of our street food concepts are part of a meal deal, check out the poster below to see whats included in each meal deal. If you are entitled to a free school meal – all meal deals are inclusive of your allowance

Secondary Menu

6th Form Menu

Meal Deals

Drinks Menu

Staying hydrated through your school day is super important – click on the link below to see what drinks we have on offer

Drinks Menu

Free Fruit Friday

Here at The Pantry, we are passionate about eating a well balanced, healthy diet and the importance of getting in your five a day. Every Friday Morning Break, we offer each pupil the option to help themselves to a piece of whole fruit from our counter!

Free Fruit Friday

Free School Meals

At The Pantry we strive to ensure there is value, choice and quality available for all at every lunch time – every menu is designed with the Free School Meal allowance in mind. If you are entitled to a Free School Meal, you can enjoy any of our meal deals as part of your allowance.
If you think you may be eligible to a Free School Meal, help will be on hand at your school office.

Free School Meals


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